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• For ONLY $5 USD per person, BRB will track and expedite the delivery of your delayed baggage .
• Receive real time push notifications via email, SMS, and WhatsApp regarding its status.
• Collect $1,000 USD per bag that is not delivered within 96 hours.
• No proof of contents or receipts are required to receive payment.

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Blue Ribbon Bags Features

  • For the first 96 hours, BRB will work directly with the airline to track your delayed bags, and expedite their delivery. Rather than you having to spend your trip on the phone with the airline, BRB will send you an automatic update every time there is a change to the status of your bag.
  • One purchase ($5) is per person, per airline confirmation number, including round-trip tickets, regardless of the number of connections. payouts ($1000) are per bag
  • No proof of bag contents is required to receive payment.
  • Payment is issued if your bag is not in your hand within 96 hours of your flight's arrival. Payments are guaranteed, even if your bag is returned to you at any point after the 96 hour deadline.
  • BRB sells a service, having a BRB service agreement is in addition to any insurance you may have. After a collecting a BRB check, you are still able to accept an insurance payout.
  • A claim must be filed with the airline before reporting your delayed bag to Blue Ribbon Bags. Undelivered bags must be reported to BRB within 24 hours of filing airline lost baggage.
  • Delayed bag reports are filed simply by going to, or by calling (888)-BAGGAGE 24/7
  • One service agreement ($5) includes all bags checked at airport, including last minute gate check-ins. Higher coverage options are available for $7.50 & $10.00, receiving payment of $1500 and $2000.
  • Blue Ribbon Bags covers every flight everywhere in the world
  • You may purchase the blue ribbon bags service up to the moment prior to your flight's departure.
  • You must purchase the Blue Ribbon Bags service prior to all flights within your outbound or inbound trip. You may not purchase the service while in between legs of a journey (i.e. while in between connections).
  • The blue ribbon bags service is non-refundable or transferable. No refunds or credits will be issued. If your flight is cancelled and a new flight is booked in its place, you must either inform us of the change prior to your new flight's departure or purchase a new service for your new flight. All changes must be reported to blue ribbon bags by emailing us at info@blueribbonbags.Com, and placing your service agreement number in the subject line. You must list, in the body of the email, your airline and airline confirmation number, your original flight number and the new flight number is it being changed to. If the airline is changing as well, you must also inform us of the new airline your new flight is on.

All purchases are subject to the terms and conditions of the Blue Ribbon Bags Service Agreement. It can be viewed here.